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def Localizer::MessageCatalog::MessageCatalog::manage_import (   self,
  REQUEST = None,
  RESPONSE = None 

Definition at line 525 of file MessageCatalog.py.

00525                                                                     :
        """ """
        messages = self._messages

        if type(file) is StringType:
            content = file.split('\n')
            content = file.readlines()

        encoding, d = parse_po_file(content)

        # Load the data
        for k, v in d.items():
            k = ''.join(k)
            if k.strip():
                if not messages.has_key(k):
                    messages[k] = PersistentMapping()
                messages[k][lang] = ''.join(v[1])

        # Set the encoding (the full header should be loaded XXX)
        self.update_po_header(lang, charset=encoding)

        if REQUEST is not None:

    def objectItems(self, spec=None):

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